It’s About Jobs

The first priority of our next state representative needs to be attracting high-paying, quality jobs to our district. I know the value of a hard day's work having worked my way up the ladder from teacher, to coach, and now to school administrator.

Open, Honest Government

If I am elected as your representative for State House District 5, I will fight every day to ensure that our state government is run in an honest and open way. Over the past four years, the state legislature has consistently passed legislation behind closed doors. This closed-door legislation ranges from burdensome small business regulation to the way in which we educate our children. If elected, I will always vote based on what is best for the people of Limestone County, rather than what is best for the people down in Montgomery.

A Representative Working for You

In an effort to show clear distinctions between myself and my opponent, I will detail a few issues that led me to seek this office. I think you will see that I am the candidate that truly supports good, limited government in Montgomery. We need a leader in the State House who will work tirelessly in fighting for what is best for Limestone County, not just what is best for Montgomery.